Friday, March 1, 2013

Freeform Friday

Welcome to Freeform Friday again!!

I'm glad you are here!

Today, I thought I would show you some freeform books, just in case you are becoming more interested and would like to know more.

Apart from our own wonderful Prudence Mapstone, she is also available on Etsy, Pinterest and also on  Ravelry.

She is a very busy girl, our prudence and of course her books are second to none. Unfortunately, I have loaned my copies to a friend, so I can't show them to you tonight!

But of course, there are other books that are also very interesting, such as Renate Kirkpatrick's "Freeform Crochet and Beyond"

Renate takes you through how to scrumble, exercises to do

She explains making bags and clothing, and gives some patterns at the back of her book:

Then there is Jenny Dowde, and her "Freeform Knitting and Crochet".  Jenny is also on Ravelry

Jenny's book is also laid out as usual, with patterns for clothing and other items

and she continues with ideas for practice.

So if you are interested, I highly recommend getting yur hands on these books and working through them - you will not regret it, I promise.

So now, on with the Linky List!

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