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Welcome, hallo there!

My name is Sharyn and I am a crazy crochet person who also quilts and sews and embroiders and knits - though not all at the same time!

This blog will be all about my adventures in crochet. For all other things, you can visit the other blog -  Alsha's Space, which covers my whole world!

I taught myself to knit and crochet when I was a teenager - a very, very long time ago! Like around 45 years ago! My how time flies!

I didn't do much handiwork while I was raising my family and working as a nurse.  I didn't have much spare time in those days.  So now that I have retired due to health issues and decided to start up this second blog to show my crochet on.

I mostly crochet in the evenings, as the daylight hours are taken up with quilting and all those other things life demands of us. So come the evenings we (we being myself and Alan my partner, Priscilla the tiny brown poodle and Tommy the black mini poodle.  We also have a cat named Penelope, or more correctly, Ms Penelope Superfoot).  We all settle down in front of the TV, out comes the hook and yarn and I play!

This blog will be all about my crochet adventures and about yarn and all that yummy stuff

Lately I find I am attracted to freeform crochet, and the freedom it gives me to play any way I want, so you may find lots of scrumbles on my blog, lots of blankets (another favourite) and hopefully lots of inspiration.

Now don't be shy as you read though this blog, will you? Just relax and make your comments and enjoy.  And please feel free to leave those comments - they make my blogging worthwhile!!

If you like, you can contact me on Alsha dot bigpond dot com

 Our baby Priscilla - chocolate toy poodle

 Our big boy Tommy, black mini poodle - notoriously difficult to get a good pic of!

Our dear old Penelope cat


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